Freia is a mysterious woman that can live on the surface without loosing her memories. She is somehow related to Edgar and the Protagonist.

She first appears and disrupts the Protagonists qualification exam by attacking Meister and breaking his arm, she then threatens to kill the protagonist if he doesn't leave but he refuses and they fight. The Protagonist defeats her and she flees but not before advising him to stay below ground, as she will kill him if she sees him again.

Wanting to find something from their past, the Protagonist and Edgar go out to investigate the highway after scouts report having seen Freia there. Upon arriving they split up and start searching, however not long after Edgar leaves, Freia appears in front of the Protagonist. She tells him to leave and to stop trying to find the ruins, the protagonist refuses and Freia summons a massive monster called Peccato which starts attacking him. After the protagonist kills Peccato, Freia before fleeing, vows to stop him from finding the ruins.