A list of all the enemies that appear in Phantom Dust's campaign

Eyeball types Edit

Ommato Edit

"In this memory box, our troops have saved all data regarding all enemies we have encountered during battle. It is not intended to be a report for the higher-ups--it's simply a record for my own reference."
An Ommato is a creature that uses mostly mid-range Attack skills. It does not have a lot of health, and it rarely uses Defense skills or close-range attacks. It can easily be identified by its eyeball shape, but i don't know if it has the same motor skills as a human.

Scoto Edit

"Scoto is the official Visions terminology for what we call a Blanky."
It's shooting skills are more powerful than those of the Ommato, and it prefers mid- to long-range battles. It habitually maintains a safe distance while chasing its target around--a universal quality of all eyeball types. It typically uses small attacks, but these attacks are often difficult to defend in regard to timing due to their unpredictable movement.

Humanoids Edit

Euroto Edit

"our troops have nicknamed the Euroto waffle, but i'm not sure why?"
The Euroto prefers to launch mid- to long-range skills in a safe area. With low mobility, it prefers to attack with a special orbit skill from mid-range. Also, we've found that there are some Eurotos that change status, but most don't like to have aggressive, confrontational battles

Bosses Edit

Peccato Edit

Sighted Location: Highway

Height: 10 m

Length: 18 m

The Peccato protects its body with a barrier, with rod-like tentacles that shoot particles from a long distance. Attacking it randomly is useless; it will counter with Paralyze each time it is attacked. Defeating it requires using a combination of effective skills and correct timing. At the right moment, use your defence then attack skills. Attack after the barrier has been destroyed, then focus on the two core targets